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Swipe for Facebook Pro v3.0.4
Követelmény: Android 4.0.3+
Áttekintés: Whoo! #1 Top New Paid App on the Play Store (April 2016)
[Kép: Qt9btB9.jpg]

Why sacrifice form or function when you can have both? Swipe for Facebook is the best Facebook wrapper app out there, integrating the lightweight Facebook website into a familiar user interface that is much like the original Facebook app.

What you get is a lightweight, highly customizable, and battery-friendly Facebook app that emphasizes on user interface and user experience as much as functionality and design.
It's better in every single way. You'll feel it.

Swipe Pro version includes:
Higher Customizations
More themes!
Facebook iOS and Google Plus UI
Quiet Hours (Do Not Disturb) - take control over your notifications!
Power Saving Mode
Retain Last Visited Pages

Upcoming features in the works:
Notification sounds*
Share directly to Swipe from Gallery*
Fix for Horizontal Scrolling*
Fix for Hide People You May Know*
Caching tabs (still looking into how I can achieve this efficiently)**
Video upload

További infók:
Swipe for Facebook Pro com.happening.studios.swipeforfacebookpro

Frissítés: (Updated : 29 April 2016)
NEW in Swipe 3.0.4
- Fixed a bug introduced in 3.0.3 preventing image download (so sorry about that, guys!)
- Samsung Multi-Window Support
- Improved Hide People You May Know
- Fixed issue with Chrome Custom Tabs
- Fixed More tab links not working
- Removed comments workaround from 3.0.2
- Improved Danish and Italian Translations
- Theme Engine Complete Redesign
- Auto DayNight Theming
- Material Design Pro
- Selectable Text
- Bookmarks
- Fingerprint Unlock (Requires M)

Letöltés: APK
Zippyshare (3 MB)

[Kép: TuqOF1nE00fh5xeHbp5u7ZbnfWMc42BfVlrdLWNX...M0Wgs=w350] [Kép: O6I6cYkvVBhv3VzFlMTzyjFAoIesMUzfcfyf-1x6...a3-d6=w350][Kép: GlU15oyvmmPosiJnnww_Yy_gs2FJXzqYZBxXETCL...9VCIx=w350] [Kép: mM-99UVW3gUueNsK_lDhP1zk27ahWlZ8ydMGSHfZ...BuOpw=w350][Kép: ZSfc0CP7YtYCDkg8w2EwGqdsz2B1Ax2whpIpbGCp...z8TPQ=w350] [Kép: ZqACENCuMicPPHYAlYdUfPQrrzqLIjRTXumbnESz...UKmCA=w350]
Ingyen Android alkalmazások/játékok/csalások: ApkRulez.blogspot.com
Pénzkeresés: OnlinePenzSzerzes

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